Low Cost, Great Smelling, Edible SLIME!

We have definitely been hit by the ‘Slime Bug’ here at our house. And as much as I love that it is part science experiment, part arts & crafts all rolled into one, it can get pretty costly! We’ve made all sorts of slime: fluffy slime, glittery unicorn slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, but if you want to make a slime that smells great, doesn’t cost a lot, and is even edible, yes, you read that right, it’s EDIBLE (so it is perfect for younger kiddos) then you will want to try this super easy slime recipe.


We purchased the 2 main ingredients at our local Walmart for under $2.                              (If you haven’t seen my blog post about saving $30 on your Walmart Online Grocery Pick-up Service, then do yourself a favor, and check it out before 7/31/18.)

We mixed 2/3 c cornstarch and the entire packet of instant pudding in a bowl and then added 1/3 c warm water. We mixed it and then added a little more cornstarch to it as needed. At that point, you should be able to pull it out of the bowl and start hand kneading it. It is that simple!


I’m also attaching the link of the blog post we found the recipe on, as it goes more in depth with additional ideas for other scents/flavors and play suggestions. Have fun!!


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